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Washington's GET Program is one of only a few state prepaid college tuition plans in the country with a guarantee in state law (RCW 28B.95.050). The fundamental purpose of prepaid tuition plans is to pay today for tuition costs incurred in the future. These plans allow families to lock in tuition costs at current rates, with a guarantee to match tuition inflation. UAE students do not have much experience and fewer than half are open to enrolling in DE courses. This may be due to their lack of experience and other concerns previously mentioned. Only one third of the Portuguese participants indicated their interest in enrolling in DE courses.

In 2019, the California legislature passed a law in direct opposition to these NCAA regulations. California Governor Gavin Newsom noted that currently every college student, except athletes, can use social media and other platforms to market and monetize their name, image, and likeness. College student athletes generate millions of dollars in profits for schools, coaches, and conference and network executives—everyone, it seems, but themselves. University is a time of significant change in the athlete’s life and with the increased demand of balancing academic deadlines with regular training and competition; student-athletes are subjected to a large amount of stress. It is a full-time job if you truly want to get the best out of yourself in both your sport and your academic studies.

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Video Conferencing

Additionally, when college tuition rates drop due to resets a side effect may be more transparency in college pricing. It may be easier to determine exactly what a school charges and where your money goes. There are, however, some potential downsides that could affect how you plan for college savings.

These bodies govern the eligibility of student athletes to receive scholarships as well as stipulate scholarship rules once the scholarship has been given. The type and amount of scholarship money received depends on which one of these governing bodies a school is affiliated with. Further confusing the issue, the NCAA does not have a consistent or fair definition of “amateurism” and allows some significant forms of financial compensation.


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